With great sadness we inform that professor Chris King, author of Earthlearningidea,


passed away on 17th February 2022. IESO 2022 expresses the deepest condolences.

Chris King was Adviser  and past-Chair of the Council of the International Geoscience Education Organisation (IGEO) and Chair of the Committee on Education of the European Geosciences Union(EGU): he was a great geoscientist, who devoted a large part of his career to geoeducation and to teach geosciences to young people: a great example for all those who believe in the responsibility to transfer knowledge to future generations and contribute to make the world better.

IESO 2022 is considering integrating the tests already foreseen in IESO 2022, with a international team test for the preparation of geoeducation activities (rough tools, simple and original practices) for the experimentation of geological, gemorphological, hydrogeological and meteorological phenomena on the model of Earthlearningidea’s geoeducation activities.